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a translation of notes from Y. Burlan’s Vector Psychology lectures on the Urethral Vector

Urethral people often die from alcohol and drugs. They tend to move in space and time. Urethral vector is an achiever and is often shown on TV. Its role is to lead. Male Urethra represents the top of the hierarchy: the first right to eat and to impregnate.

Urethral Vector - Bill Clinton
Bill Clinton – 8-vectored

The visible world exists in 4 Quadrants: Space (Skin Vector and Muscle Vector, eating), Time (Urethral Vector and Anal Vector, drinking), Information (Visual Vector and Sound Vector, sleeping) and Energy (Oral Vector and Olfactory Vector, breathing). Man is the supreme element, the most complex part of the Universe. Space is matter that has shape. There is no Muscle without Skin, and there is no Universe without Skin-Muscle. Matter is always in motion, and what we call time is the Time Quadrant. No one else divides time, why do men do? Because we are aware of the beginning and the end, of being limited by death. Past is preserved by the Anal vector; future is provided by the Urethral vector whose nature is to evolve. We can say that the future is guaranteed by the Urethral vector just as matter is guaranteed by the Muscle vector + Skin vector. Otherwise the Universe would have been static. It changes through what we understand by future. It is manifested in the following way: Anal vector lives in the present as if it were the past. Urethral Vector lives in the present as if it were the future.

In the prehistoric times, survival depended on specific tribal roles. We may say that the man is born for God or culture, but that is not self-evident. The evident tasks are to survive and reproduce. On the inside (individual level) it is expressed by the balanced biochemistry of the brain: I feel great when I fulfill my function (to hunt, to cook, to protect, etc), and that also benefits the entire group.

There are 4 erogenous zones in the head and 4 in the body. 7 of the zones (Eyes, Ears, Mouth, Nose, Skin, Urethra and Anus) are obvious, the 8th (Muscle) is hidden. Desires create thoughts: in order to realize the desires, I take actions that are useful for the group. Vision guards the pack during the day, Sound does it at night. Olfactory is the ruler’s counselor; in some cultures they are called shamans. Oral warns by screaming and divides food into edible and not. In the bottom vectors we have libido, the desire to live. It determines types of sexuality, but libido is not exclusively sexual. Having sensitive skin also means having sensual desires.

The cell grows around the nucleus; Male Urethral Vector is the nucleus of society. What we call the instinct of self-preservation is the desire to maintain the internal integrity. There are only two types of integrity: my own (to breathe, to eat, to drink, to sleep; acronym BEDS) and that of the group. 7 vectors focus on preserving their own integrity; but for the Urethral Vector the integrity of the group is primary. It is called animal altruism (don’t confuse with spiritual altruism in Sound!) and is defined as obtaining satisfaction through giving. The nucleus is the nucleus because it gives to the rest of the cell.

Urethral Vector – Introduction

Uretharl Vector - John F. Kennedy
John F. Kennedy – 7-vectored, non-Olfactory

Imagine a guy rushing down the street: not just hyperactive, those are Skinners. This one is entirely mad. He runs without looking around, and everyone else runs after him. Anals and Skinners were told to avoid their Urethral friend, but they forget everything when he is around. Why? Urethral Vector has special pheromones that evoke desire in women and obedience in men. It is not smell per se: it is our subconscious (aka cranial nerve zero) that catches it, so we follow Urethra, ranking ourselves. Male Urethra is “on fire” constantly, such people always feel hot. Their clothes are unbuttoned, facilitating the spreading of the pheromones. Pheromones cannot be washed off completely, though their intensity can be diminished by washing.

The only way to survive for a pack was to expand aggressively, to constantly be in a state of war. That’s why it is crucial to define borders. Urethral Vector’s urine creates the sense of protection for those who are “inside” and the sense of danger for outsiders. This is why we love our leader and hate other leaders. Everyone takes a piss, but Male Urethra has the pheromones of ranking in it. Anal has hospitality, Skin lacks libido to smell offensive: they need technology to compensate for this lack.

Moving into the future means expanding and filling new space. In the Muscle phase (the prehistoric period ranging from roughly 50,000 year ago to 6,000 years ago), quantity decided everything. All of our genes supposedly come from 2000 inhabitants of the primeval savanna. There is approximately the same number of newborn boys and girls, but boy’s mortality is higher. More boys are born before a war.

Urethral Vector has four-dimensional libido. Every other vector wants to receive, but satisfaction goes away quickly after the getting: the more you drink, the less thirsty you are. If a Skinner buys a car after having saved up for years, he is satisfied after the purchase. But the satisfaction fades away quickly, and he wants another car. This is because the inside world is limited, meaning that consumption has boundaries: no matter how much meat we have, we can eat only so many pounds of it at once. But the outside world is considered infinite, so we can give without limits. This is what Urethral Vector does, and this is why it is happy constantly, unlike Skin and Anal people who are happy temporarily. Sometimes Urethras are called incorrigible optimists, but their optimism is explained by their libido (or the desire to live) which is sufficient for four non-Urethral people.

Uretharl Vector - Matthew Bellamy
Matthew Bellamy – 7-vectored, non-Muscle

Any desire that targets the inside has the limits of skin: this is why the nature of Skin Vector is to limit. Urethral Vector, on the contrary, cannot be limited because on the outside there are neither limits nor volume per se. Therefore, Urethral Vector is the only one that has no natural limits. Skin is limitation manifested in laws; Anal is limited by custom and tradition.

Male Urethra always has the internal understanding of where children come from. Other 7 erogenous zones with vectors limit their desires and force them to the outside in the form of useful activities. Urethral Vector is already sublimed as the nucleus works to give.

Urethral Vector moves forward, hoping to touch the future. Its motion is always expanding: it often feels that if more effort is added, the sublime horizon will be reached. This is called passion, and it is backed up by a 4-dimensional libido. Everything such people do is passionate, which is the reason why they die so easily when it comes to drugs and alcohol. Male Urethra people are not alcoholics, those are Skinners. Anal people may drink their whole life, but they seldom die from alcoholism as they do not increase dosage. Urethral Vector constantly wants to increase, it always says “yes!” and “more!” The drunker Urethral people are, the firmer they believe the peak of happiness is within their reach, and that it takes just a little more to get there. A year and a half of drinking is enough for them to reach delirium tremens. Taking drugs leads to overdose. Female Urethra often becomes addicted to chocolate.

Urethral Vector makes its partners sexually dependent very fast. It lives as if it had eternal energy and often become famous. Urethra with top vectors often improves them to perfection (less so in modern times due to Urethral people tending to have multiple top vectors). Life is determined by life itself and death. The primeval urges to kill and to mate are limited in Skin, but not in Urethra. The pack is led by two forces: the Urethral leader and his Olfactory vector counselor (the greatest egoism).

Urethral Vector’s sex is toward the outside, not the inside. A regular male is one-dimensional, meaning 1 man has 1 woman: it is monogamy for Anals and change-seeking for Skinners. Counter-intuitively, both the Anal settling for one partner and the Skin’s having multiple sexual partners are monogamous relationships because the Anal and the Skin libido are mono-dimensional. The move from the personal to the collective begins with giving sperm according to the needs (I sleep with you not because you are the hottest, but because I know you need it, and no one else will do this for you. That’s why Urethral Vector often has sex out of pity, often with elder or disabled people. Pity, by the way, can be called a “bomb under the Urethral Vector’s life scenario” as it influences the life of a Urethral person more than anything else.).

A man has the desires to possess a woman and give sperm. A woman has the desire to belong to a man and receive sperm. Urethral Vector, though, epitomizes natural polygamy. Every other vector says “This is my woman!” but not Urethra. They don’t have their genes but the genes of the group. What is polygamy? It is giving sperm by the needs. Don’t confuse it with harems: those are examples of Anal monogamy.

Urethral Vector - Kurt Cobain
Kurt Cobain – 6-vectored, non-Olfactory-Muscle

Anal men need to have a male heir: the only exception is Anal-Vision who wants a daughter. The qualities of an heir don’t matter; Anal men care only for blood relations. Anal people emphasize the masculine element in upbringing, they encourage their children (often brutally) to protect themselves and what is “theirs”. They rationalize such behavior as protection, even though it is more often an assault.

It is wrong to confuse teaching and upbringing. Anal men must teach and they must not bring up, though Anals are most attentive parents. Urethral Vector is no parent at all: it doesn’t discriminate between their children and others; for them there are only our children, i.e. children of the group. Anal sons sometimes resent their Urethral fathers for not distinguishing them among other kids, though under normal conditions Anal children’s love toward their Urethral parents is the strongest among kids.

Children gravitate toward Male Urethra, which should be encouraged as Urethral Vector implants a most precious skill: the ability to give according to the needs, which is mercy and justice – don’t confuse with Anal fairness consisting of dividing reward and punishment equally. Urethral Vector makes a perfect judge, capable of blending the letter of the law with its spirit. Unfortunately, in the current Skin phase judges possessing the Urethral Vector are very rare.

Urethral Vector has no personal attitudes to the members of their group. Quoting a famous Russian historian Nikolai Gumilev, we can call Mare Urethra passionarians, although this term is best applicable to Urethral-Sound-Olfactories (people like Genghis Khan, Napoleon, Vladimir Lenin and Bill Clinton). By Gumilev, passionarity determines life of a whole ethnicity or a state. Passionarity means that integrity of the group is primary, and one’s own integrity is not.

People consider themselves more important than they are. It is not uncommon to seek Urethral traits: one of the ways to determine how Urethral you are is to ask yourself whether you enjoy giving, in whatever form, without calculating potential benefits.

All boys in the group want to be like the Urethral leader. Male Urethras’ homes are open for anyone to drop in and stay at any time and for as long as needed. Skinners hate to host people as it results in financial losses: they love visiting instead. Anals like hosting because they are naturally hospitable, but they need to get a notice in advance.

Urethral Vector - Novak Djokovic
Novak Djokovic – 7-vectored, non-Muscle

Early injection of testosterone in Urethral people prevents their skeletons from growing, which accounts for their tendency to be short. The infamous Napoleon-complex is an idiocy made up by incompetent pseudo-psychologists. However, it doesn’t mean that all Urethral people are short, or that all dwarfs are Urethral. When Male Urethras are young, they seem more mature than their peers, but later if life they look younger as their vitality doesn’t go away. Skinners start settling down around 23-27 when they experience a considerable libido decrease. Anal people are always solid, even when they are little; at 30 their solidity increases, and after 40 it is often overwhelming. Urethra, on the contrary, remains socially and sexually active for the entire lifespan; there is no solidity or settling down for them.

In the state of war (which can be any situation of high pressure, especially if extended in time), Urethral Vector slouches. It has a light gait with unpredictable movements. Skinners have motor intelligence (the ability to imitate any natural movement, which makes them great athletes and actors), and sometimes pretend to be Urethral. They hope to obtain their power and their partners (the Skin-Vision female type). It is common in Russia to see archetypical Skinners (petty thieves with exaggerated self-importance) walking in a club-footed way: this is an imitation of the Urethral gait. But for Urethral Vector it is natural: it allows to be unpredictable and leap suddenly in any direction.

Urethral Vector recognizes no authority, including that of seniors. Their motto is “I do what I please, and I’ll never do what I don’t feel like doing.” Anal people need authority, especially that of the past (customs and traditions); they instinctively respect elders and demonstrate it.

Urethral Vector - Lionel Messi
Lionel Messi – 7-vectored, non-Oral

Urethral Vector doesn’t gravitate toward any forms of possession; they don’t care for financial superiority – unlike Skinners. They don’t care for their health either, while for Skinners it is crucial. Urethra has no pity neither for themselves, nor others. For a woman, dating a Urethral man is like living on a volcano. The female type that forms a natural couple with Male Urethra is the Skin-Vision woman. She is unique in many respects: she does not give birth to children, she plays a masculine group role (daytime guard), she doesn’t need to belong to a man, and she cannot be satisfied (sexually or emotionally) by one-dimensional men (anyone without Urethra).

Urethral vector is passionate and takes up tremendous psychological space. There cannot be neutral attitudes toward a Urethra. Within their group they are loved and adored; outside of it they are feared and hated. The main danger of Male Urethral Vector is that it can take other people’s lives while risking his own. They feel elation when sacrificing themselves for the group: it is a top of Male Urethra’s personal achievement.

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