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A translation of notes taken during Y. Burlan’s Vector Psychology lectures on the Olfactory Vector complimented with notes taken during Vyacheslav Yunev’s lectures

Publisher’s Disclaimer

While this translation offers a good overview of the Olfactory Vector as defined in Vector Psychology, it is by no means a thorough and exhaustive description of all its properties, characteristics, strengths and weaknesses. The fundamental rule of Vector Psychology is that every person engaged in it should explore the subject on his or her own, adding to the available knowledge and improving the understanding of the Vectors. The Olfactory Vector, being the rarest and the most cryptic one, has many challenges for a Vector Psychology novice; however, an honest and focused examination of one’s life and circle of friends should yield at least one or two subjects carrying this vector, thus providing grounds for field study. Feel free to share your findings in the comments area: we always appreciate your constructive intellectual contributions!

Olfactory Vector – First Lecture

The Olfactory vector represents matter. Unlike Vision and Sound, it needs molecules of the physical. The Internet is a Sound response to the politics and finance, which are both Olfactory’s inventions.

The Olfactory measure begins with the physical world. The Olfactory vector protects and maintains its integrity and, at a certain point, starts developing our psyche.

The outside world is determined and regulated exclusively by smells; nothing else governs us. We are made into a group by smells: they make us behave toward each other in specific ways, as well as rank according to our natural status. Some part of information accumulated through the nose goes into the conscious, while another goes directly into the subconscious. This works for all vectors, but in the Olfactory it is of specific importance.

Intuition in the true sense of this word exists only in the Olfactory. Vision predicts some things some of the time, but it makes mistakes. The Olfactory doesn’t.

Olfactory Vector - Margaret Hilda Thatcher, Baroness Thatcher, United Kingdom Prime Minister, Iron Lady
Olfactory Vector: Margaret Thatcher

The Olfactory vector represents the desire to maintain form and integrity: both its own and that of a group. It doesn’t divide smells into“good” and “bad”: it is a cultural division of Vision. For Vision, good and bad mean love and fear.

The Olfactory is rooted in the subconscious. It does not have words; its thoughts are expressed without them. A purely Olfactory person would never experience an internal monologue. The Olfactory program does not allow mistakes, though it is inevitably limited by BEDS (the fundamental desires to breathe, eat, drink and sleep, the nature’s vehicles for ruling us), as well as bottom vectors. Olfactory vector people are hyper-cautious, which may make them seem cowardly and paranoid. It is not the case: they simply don’t risk if the payoff doesn’t match their huge egoism.

The Olfactory represents deep intrinsic feelings. This is intuition. When one person combines both the Olfactory and Visual vectors, a great power occurs. Sometimes such people become blind and exhibit extrasensory abilities. The clairvoyant Vanga is an example of a highly developed Olfactory-Vision person.

The Olfactory person does not like smells. Olfactory children are hard to feed, they are skeptical of everything due to the inherent Olfactory fear of being poisoned. For such a child the simplest and tasteless food is best, in sharp contrast to Oral children who need new and extravagant tastes. The Oral vector is the Olfactory’s partner by the Quartile of Energy; a junior partner, too. Only Oral people are allowed into the personal space of everyone. An Olfactory person considers everyone an enemy, but Oral people still have access to them due to unconscious cahoots. Olfactory people never do anything themselves: Skin people are their hands, and Oral people are their mouths. Sometimes Oral people poison their Olfactory protectors.

Olfactory people translate the thoughts of others through the language of smells. It may appear counter-intuitive, but human olfactory senses are developed better than those of animals. We discriminate smells on another level: our thoughts produce specific smells that reflect our true inner state. These smells are called pheromones. It is them that the Olfactory recognizes and differentiates.

A mere presence of a developed Olfactory person enforces natural ranking among other humans. For example, a Skin person will never be in charge of a social situation if there is a Urethral person there, even if the Skinner has a higher financial and social status. Olfactory women regulate sexual relationships. True matchmaking is Olfactory, its perfunctory kind is Vision. Olfactory women tend to look old very soon after they hit puberty. If such a woman does not have other top vectors she can look fifteen years older than she is. Underdeveloped Olfactories have to act themselves; developed ones never do, using the effort of other people.

Olfactory Vector - Winston Churchill
Winston Churchill: 7-Vectored, non-Urethra

An underdeveloped Skinner, when confronted with disobedience, ignites a scandal. An underdeveloped Olfactory falls victim to their own intrigues. When a developed Olfactory woman comes to a new working place, all romantic connections there end at once. When a developed Olfactory man does, all the men start working at their full capacity.

Olfactory people, while so keen at catching pheromones of others, do not have their own pheromone smell. This creates a sense of fear in people’s subconscious. It is this subconscious fear that activates our internal program: my integrity is under threat, and in order to survive I must carry out my natural duties. Skin people quit stealing (saving for oneself) and increase efficiency (economizing for the group), Anal people get a better hold of their libido and channel it into work instead of resentment and sexual frustration, etc.

In prehistoric times, Olfactory men were advisers to Urethral chiefs. These forces, the Urethral and the Olfactory, create groups. When the two are combined in one body, an exceptional power is born: Genghis Khan, Napoleon, Bill Clinton. These two vectors represent the strongest forces in nature, egoism and altruism. The Olfactory vector is not egoistical: it is mega- so. It matches the Urethral vector by its opposite: Urethra is the absolute giving, so-called animal altruism, and Olfactory is the absolute egoism, or the wish to receive. Metaphorically, they can be compared to a star and a black hole.

Due to the absence of pheromones, Olfactory people are disliked by everyone except Urethra, which is by nature tolerant to everyone. Their desires are complimentary: Urethra wants to maintain the group’s integrity, while the Olfactory recognizes that its own integrity depends on that of a group. Urethra protects the Olfactory: no one dares to harm an Olfactory person if the chief tells them not to.

The duties of an Olfactory adviser consisted of internal and external intelligence. They determined the threats coming from the outside or the inside and reported them to Urethral. In addition, Olfactory vector men were what some cultures call shamans. As such, they determined which newborns were good to be kept in the pack and which weren’t (in prehistoric times, children were not a property of their parents but of the group). Those deemed unsuitable (Skin-Vision boys like Justin Bieber) were subject to ritual cannibalism, a custom run by both the Olfactory adviser and the Oral jester.

Olfactory Vector - Hillary Clinton
Olfactory Vector: Hillary Clinton

The higher civilization level, the more often people wash themselves. Washing clears off all the smells, including the pheromones, which makes it much easier to obey the Skin law and tolerate the internal pressure from civilized lifestyle. Excessive washing creates the Skin sense of the personal: they divide into what is theirs and what is not. Also, people produce less reaction to each other. A consequence is a much higher percentage of unnatural marriages (between two Skin people, etc.) in the West.


Olfactory Vector – Second Lecture

Muscle-Olfactory people look strange, much like troglodytes, with deeply set eyes and pronounced eyebrow arches. They have very strong sinewy hands. The Olfactory happiness is in a complete absence of emotions. Skin wants money, Anal – family, Vision – love, and the Olfactory vector desires proper ranking within a group, with them secretly holding all the power.

The murder of a victimized Skin-Vision girl is a unique situation when an Olfactory vector man has to complete a most serious task with his own hands. Here both the Olfactory and the Skin-Vision parties exhibit archetypical, or undeveloped, behavior.

The Olfactory vector desires the absolute melancholy. A victimized Skin-Vision girl in fear creates such an unforgettable bouquet of pheromones that an Olfactory man falls for it. He finds the girl in a perfect spot, where both of them end up as if at random, and he throttles her.

Olfactory Vector - William Jefferson Blythe III
Bill Clinton – 8-vectored

During throttling, an Olfactory man is bathing in the Skin-Vision girl’s emotion: they completely outshine his own ones, annulling them. Any fear for an Olfactory person means less emotions and more melancholy. The mortal fear of a victimized Skin-Vision girl (who has the highest emotional amplitude) can give an Olfactory man the sense of complete melancholy (happiness). They usually are able to stick with this sense for several months, sometimes half a year after the first one, but then they need more and kill another victim.

Tens of thousands of years ago it was necessary for Olfactory people to kill victimized Skin-Vision girls. When encountered by a Urethral man, such a girl, due to her fears, could leave him and his whole group astray. Nowadays such behavior is not required, much like the archetypical behavior of Skin which tends to steal if left undeveloped. Nowadays, a developed Anal-Muscle-Olfactory person should be a scientist, and if they choose this path, they will most likely reach considerable heights. Geology and genetics are their natural fields: they are the ones who study viruses and create vaccines against them. Alexander Fleming, the inventor of penicillin, is a highly developed Olfactory person.

One of the Olfactory vector’s idiosyncratic traits is the ability to kill any emotion. They also can stick to an feeling they have experienced and relive it for an extended period of time (as with the murder of a Skin-Vision girl).

Olfactory people are specialists in the animal body soul: metaphorically they can be called dukes of the physical world, as they understand and successfully exploit all of its intricacies. The price that is paid for that is the inability to enter the metaphysical. Not only they exploit the physical world (currently by controlling finances), they also protect it (by creating new vaccines, etc). Developed Olfactory people are extremely useful for society, but they are always outside the boundaries of “good” and “evil” in the traditional sense of these words. Vladimir Putin, a highly developed Olfactory person, is one of the main reasons Russia remains a key geopolitical player on the world map, despite the controversy his persona causes around the world, including his home country.

Olfactory Vector - Vladimir Putin
Vladimir Putin – 5-vectored: Skin-Anal-Muscle_Olfactory-Oral

The Olfactory vector is the only one exempt from neuroses. Neuroses appears either when one’s desires were not fulfilled early in childhood and caused misery later on, or due to meta-stress. A normal stress is a difficult situation in which a person must leave their comfort zone. A meta-stress is a stress for which a person objectively has no coping skills.

The unfulfilled desires of childhood cause pain, so, in order to avoid the pain, our body stops desiring. This seems a good solution, but when we give up the desires, the properties that determined them turn negative. One should be careful not to confuse meta-stress with the archetypical state. A Skinner who is under meta-stress is likely to trot-walk and feel like stealing. In a neurosis, they become kleptomaniacs and cause horrible scandals. Under a light meta-stress a Skinner may become a spendthrift. An Anal person under mate-stress will be attracted to dirt and feel like spreading it.

When an Olfactory child ends up under a strong negative influence it does not harm them but develops them. This is so because the Olfactory vector’s primary goal is to survive no matter what. One must never hit an Olfactory person, though: it is dangerous for those who do. An illustrative scenario: a sadist Anal father beats his Olfactory child. Soon circumstances make him come home at an unusual time and see his wife with a lover. He kills both and go to prison; the Olfactory child goes to an orphanage. Ironically, this is one of the best scenarios for an Olfactory child which ensures their development. There are less radical ways, too. Giving adequate praise is one. We can say about an Anal-Olfactory boy that if his mother is stupid, he will be a serial killer and rapist, if she is clever, he will grow into a renowned scientist.

An Olfactory child develops by being a part of a group, or several groups. Groups of people are the most influential type of landscape: no natural environment (with an exception of natural disasters) affects our behavior as much as other humans. An Olfactory child must seek company of other people. They will dislike him or her due to the absence of pheromone smell, but this is what they need. An Olfactory child should be exposed to at least three different groups: a schools class, friends at home and a sports team. If parents are overly protective and caring, the Olfactory vector in the child won’t develop, making such a person a high-caliber thief. Olfactory people don’t steal in little bits, like Skinners: when they go for it, we are talking at least about millions. This is because theirs is the largest egoism of all.

Olfactory Vector - Princess Diana
Princess Diana – 7-vectored, non-Muscle

A combination of Sound and Olfactory within the same person creates such an internal pressure that there is no need for any outside pressure to develop. The Sound and Olfactory vectors are mortal antagonists; one can say that the destiny of the Universe is determined by their battle. The presence of Sound in a person means there is always a chance of suicide. But the Olfactory’s goal is to protect the body, so it starts watching over the Sound and does not let it undergo depression. This is why in an Olfactory Sound combination it is the Olfactory that enjoys most of the development. Exceptions to this rule are extremely rare and often represent unique figures in history, such as Vladimir Nabokov (7-vectored, non-Urethra). However, the presence of the Urethral vector at the bottom of an Olfactory-Sound link favors the Sound, though such people are very rare.

The Olfactory vector is the only vector whose development stages go backwards. For all the other vectors the lowest level is the Inanimate (Mineral) one, then follows the Vegetative (Plant) level, then the Animal level, and finally (for some vectors) the Human level. Sound does not have the Mineral level but has the Spiritual one coming after the Human. Sound on the spiritual level is represented by figures like Jesus Christ. The Olfactory vector, on the contrary, does not have the Human level but has an additional one below the Mineral: that of Pure Egoism. Prophet Mohammad, Buddha and everyone who is said to reach enlightenment are examples of the Olfactory on the level of Pure Egoism. Most Olfactory people, however, are on the two basic levels of development. On the Animal level, they sense the pheromones and thoughts of individual people and should be able to match wives with their husbands at a random gathering where they are acquainted with no one. When they advance to the Plant level, they start sensing collective pheromones, or those of groups of people. On this level they are capable of understanding the socioeconomic processes and manage large groups of people as politicians or financiers. The few that reach the Mineral Level are capable of comparing whole levels of existence (plant vs. animal, for example) and become superb specialists in virology and genetics.

On the Mineral Level, the Olfactory vector people can sense where the threats for humanity come from. This is what makes them brilliant scientists. At this point, threats come from the micro-Universe of viruses. It is the Olfactory that makes breakthroughs in chemistry, biology and geology. Not so much in physics: it is the realm of the Sound vector. Up until today all the human technology had remained on the Mineral level. It is only recently that we have started to breech onto the next level (experiments with cloning).

The Animal level of development (or cognition) for Sound has never been touched upon yet, the only exception being Sigmund Freud. His was an attempt to understand humans on the Animal level. Despite an innocent wording, this is a supremely difficult and important task, the one Vector Psychology sets as its goal.

The Human level is self-comprehension on the metaphysical level, or understanding the inner workings of our spiritual roots. According to Yuri Burlan, this level is achievable by studying of Kabbalah by those who have the Sound Vector. It is important to note, however, that Burlan himself does not have the Sound Vector, unlike Vyacheslav Yunev.

Olfactory Vector - Niccolò Machiavelli
Olfactory Vector: Niccolò Machiavelli

Olfactory vector people on the Mineral level can feel states of nature outside the realm of time. The concept of time exists only for humans: we feel it because we have the beginning and the end in our body and are aware of it. Every person feels time in their own way. For a Skin man, an Anal man is slow, but this is not how the Anal man feels about himself, especially if he lives in complimentary environmental surroundings (for the Anal, this is countryside at a lake or river). The Visual vector is the largest aberration of nature in this respect: a second of fear may seem an eternity, while a year of happiness and love can be fleeting. This is because we experience time toward the outside, not the inside, and in Vision the sense of time is expressed by an emotion. What helps us along the way is that nature provides a coordinate plane with its cyclicality: we have seasons, moon phases, day and night, etc.

In the state of melancholy, the Olfactory vector begins to sense eternity.